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Our Family's Journey Through Time

Welcome to our family's history!

I have made a change to the "Home" page. Instead of index.php (which is a usual home page) the home page for your histories folder is home.php.

This means that people visiting your site can only access your histories folder from inside links, which are only available if they sign in OR if they know the specific url of a page. It also stops webbots from "spidering" your histories folder as there are no links on the index.php page to guide them further into your histories folder.

Different layouts for your use

I hope you can easily use the history templates. I've tried to make a couple of different layouts. They are as follows:

Family 1 - One column, image on right
Family 2 - Two columns with navigation on left and content with image on right
Family 3 - Two colums with images on the left and content on the right. You can easily copy the boxes to create more spaces for family.
Story 1 - One column, image on left
Story 2 - One column, image on the right
Place 1- One column with 3 images across the top
Place 2- Two columns with navigation on left and content with 3 images on right
Grandma Feeding the Dogs - One column with image on left.

Multi-language pages

If you are creating a story that you will translate and want to display in the language the user has selected when viewing your site, then you can place the content that starts with the heading 1 (< h1 >) line to everything in the line before the tng_footer.php function call in your language folder and use a PHP

include($mylanguage/family1.php) to include the content from you language folder for each language you support on your site.
For additional information see the TNG Wiki article on creating User Pages or histories using the historytemplate.php file at and


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